The Educators’ Community is an initiative to gather and support local and international community of educators, aiming to discuss, validate, promote and adopt innovative teaching and learning practices among teachers, trainers and other education professionals. 

This is a project of EdTech educators who have acquired extensive experience in the field of education by leading teams and supporting their professional development. We have participated in global conferences where we learnt about various educational tools, curricula, curriculum designing, school development, online/remote learning and the learnings of COVID-19. Thus we aim to utilize our existing transferable skills, while developing new skills and partaking more fully in the students’ education.

Through this community, educators from all around the world can get visibility and recognition for their innovative work, gain new national and international contacts, enhance their knowledge about existing and new approaches to teaching and learning and will also get an opportunity to participate in international projects.

We are in the hopes of increasing this network by inviting more education enthusiasts to truly achieve the purpose of this platform.

There are countless advantages to becoming a part of our community. Benefits include,

  • Monthly meet ups where different topics and themes will be discussed,
  • Innovative enrichment programmes and workshops,
  • Networking opportunities with education practitioners,
  • Academic and non-academic discussions

This forum is purely to exchange ideas and new developments across various education systems; Hence the membership to this community is free of charge. 

Just like many other international organizations, we are looking forward to connecting, learning and growing together through the Educators’ Community !
Please fill up this google form if you are willing to be a member of this prestigious and global community of educationalists:

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You can also email us at:

Thank you!
Rukaiya Salman
Founder and President – Educators’ Community

Advisory Board of Educators’ Community

Alexander Zheltov

CEO and co-founder of Educate Online, Inc. (United States)

Bello Tongo

Founder, Board-Chairman, and CEO of Tongston Group of Companies

Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff

University adjunct professor, Digital learning specialist, and Educational consultant

Michel Thibeault

Mindfulness Director chez Panyaden International School

Ibrahim Shamsi

Chairman Cotton Web Limited
Director MCB Bank Islamic

Umar Nadeem

Founding Partner, Head of Advisory Tabadlab

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