British Schools Now, 2023

The British Council's Schools Now conference was held in Dubai on March 1 and 2, 2023, bringing together education leaders and professionals from Partner Schools worldwide. With a focus on 'Transforming Schools: Leadership at all levels,' the conference explored effective leadership through keynotes, panels, and workshops. Key highlights included the development of student leaders and pathways to leadership. Douglas Woods emphasized the importance of promoting leadership in schools, fostering an inclusive culture and empowering students. Sir Mark Grundy discussed retaining top staff for student achievement, while Professor Eman Gaad focused on inclusive educational leadership. Simon Higgins expressed delight in hosting the conference, allowing leaders to reflect on post-pandemic challenges. Maarya Rehman highlighted the conference's significance for Pakistan's Partner Schools, aiming to develop future leaders.

Attending the Schools Now conference as an online delegate was an enriching experience, providing an opportunity to listen, reflect, and learn. It prompted deeper consideration of the impact educators can make and how to sustain that impact. The conference focused on continuous improvement through evaluating impact, and it encouraged teachers to become better educators. This global gathering fostered collaboration, interaction, and stimulated thought-provoking discussions among online and in-person educators from around the world.

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