Cambridge Schools Conference, Cambridge, UK, 2018

The Cambridge Schools Conferences hosts conferences every year but in 2018 it held its largest conference ever consisting of 300 people. It took place at Churchill College, University of Cambridge on 18-19 September 2018. Every year there is a different theme and the theme of this year’s conference was “Creating the conditions for success”. This conference theme concentrated on how to create a positive, successful learning environment within a school. Barriers to learning were also discussed, providing practical examples for conference delegates to take away.
The theme for this year was terrific and the best part was its global representation and the real diversity of perspectives which is imperative in today’s world. This conference gave me and everyone else the opportunity to socialize and learn from people from different parts of the world. The experience was priceless .

The conference consisted of four key sessions and many other break out sessions. The first session speech was from Valerie Hannon on ‘What will success mean in our changing world’. In this session she spoke about what success really means in today’s world and it’s importance. While everyone has strengths and challenges it is important for everyone to realize that success means different to each one of us.
The second session was held by Professor Amanda Kirby on ‘Identifying and supporting diverse talents in all – a whole school approach’ and the third one was by Professor Jonathan Glazzard on ‘Whole school approach to mental health’, in which he emphasized on children’s mental health and how it is dependent on teacher’s mental health and all school leaders should be concerned about that .He wanted everyone to learn from the keynote ,not to characterize children as it could have an impact on their mental health. Education is so busy and overstuffed that sometimes we need to cut through it all to find out what really matters in Education. The final keynote speakers were Amy Burke and Kevin Hawkins who spoke on ‘Shifting the focus: finding the balance in teaching and learning’. For the first time this year , a panel of students were welcomed who gave their insights on what they believe they need to be successful in the future.

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