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The Educators' Community is a project of educators who have acquired extensive experience in the field of education by leading teams and supporting their professional development.

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Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff
Laurel Aguilar-KirchhoffEducator, Author, Speaker, Consultant, ISTE Community Leader

Rukaiya Salman was fantastic to work with we coordinated providing professional development for The Cedar School Teachers and Parents on digital citizenship and media literacy. Rukaiya was professional and very caring about her staff. Her goal was to have me provide engaging and informative professional development that would best serve her staff and ultimately the students at The Cedar School. I would be honored to collaborate on future projects and endeavors with Rukaiya.

Holly Clark
Holly ClarkDirector of Education Partnerships at Beable, The Life-Ready Literacy Company

Rukaiya and I became acquainted in recent months through her partnership with Beable, as her goal was to connect career development to literacy and academics. I learned very quickly that Cedar School students and families are incredibly lucky to have Rukaiya as their leader. She is a visionary and such a hard worker, diligently procuring the very best for her students. She is also an incredible leader and pacesetter in the ed tech space, and generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. On a personal level, Rukaiya is also very kind and compassionate. Our team is lucky to work with her!

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We are a group of education enthusiasts who believe in building an education community across borders. We have taken this initiative to provide a platform to like-minded educators from all around the world where they can share their views and indulge in stimulating discussions regarding various topics and issues pertaining to education.