Leader in Me Symposium 2023

As a panelist at the Leader in Me Symposium 2023, hosted by FranklinCovey Education Pakistan on November 8, 2023, I had the honor of participating in a thought-provoking discussion titled, “Life-Ready Leaders Equipped with Essential Skills and Mindset.” The session was skillfully moderated by Dr Maliha Ahmed, and the insights shared by fellow panelists, including:
Farid Panjwani, Dean at Aga Khan University
Syed Nasir Raza Zaidi, President, Pakistan Academic Consortium and Executive Director, Elixir School
Bareera Hamidi

Engaging with esteemed attendees and panelists alike, the experience proved to be enlightening, affording me the opportunity to glean valuable insights from my fellow speakers and to forge connections with other professionals in the field.

I extend my gratitude to the FranklinCovey team members for graciously hosting us and facilitating this enriching exchange of ideas !

Round table with Katalyst Labs

On International Day of Education, 24th January 2024, I had the privilege of joining a roundtable discussion hosted by Katalyst Labs, tackling the critical issue of education access in Pakistan.

We discussed the gaps that existed in the education infrastructure and how education can be made more accessible and inclusive, as well as the role of digital learning and how it can collaborate with traditional learning. We also spoke about the role of regulatory authorities and public sectors in improving the overall infrastructure, what the roadmap of education in Pakistan for 2024 will look like & the various ways we can accelerate the sector in a positive & progressive way.5

Programme Leader for Cambridge International

Engaging in educational leadership training through Cambridge International was a transformative experience that equips aspiring leaders with the essential skills and insights to excel in the dynamic field of education.Hence, I enrolled for the “Cambridge International Certificate” in “Educational Leadership” in March 2020. This comprehensive program blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications, empowering participants to navigate the complexities of modern educational environments with confidence and expertise. Whether one is an experienced educator aiming to transition into a leadership role or a current leader seeking to enhance their abilities, this training cultivates a holistic approach to leadership that emphasizes adaptability, collaborative decision-making, and a profound dedication to student success. The blog on this page was penned by me in 2022 as I recalled my experience of becoming a Programme Leader with Cambridge International.

Educational Leadership with
Cambridge International, September 2022

I am currently teaching a cohort of leaders from Cedar Schools and Colleges. Teaching the course on educational leadership to school leaders is a transformative experience that equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive positive change within their institutions. This comprehensive course delves into the multifaceted dimensions of effective leadership in an educational setting, focusing on strategic planning, collaborative decision-making, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By the end of the course, school leaders emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with the tools to create vibrant learning environments that empower both educators and students to thrive.

A Professional Development Qualification (PDQ) in Educational Leadership with Cambridge International can offer several benefits to educators and professionals in the field of education. 

Professional Growth: A PDQ in Educational Leadership can help educators enhance their knowledge, skills, and competencies related to leadership in educational settings. This growth can lead to improved job performance, increased confidence, and a deeper understanding of effective leadership practices.

Career Advancement: Cambridge International qualifications are recognized globally and are often valued by educational institutions and employers. Completing a PDQ in Educational Leadership can open doors to career advancement opportunities, such as moving into administrative or leadership roles within educational organizations.

International Perspective: Cambridge International is known for its international curriculum and educational standards. Engaging with their programs can provide educators with exposure to international best practices, diverse perspectives, and global trends in educational leadership.

Leadership Skills: Educational leadership requires a unique set of skills, including communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning. A PDQ can help educators develop and refine these skills, enabling them to lead more effectively and create positive change within their educational communities.

Personal Fulfillment: Engaging in continuous professional development can be personally fulfilling. Completing a PDQ in Educational Leadership can contribute to a sense of accomplishment and a commitment to ongoing learning and growth.

Teaching a course on educational leadership can be incredibly rewarding for a trainer for a variety of reasons. Educational leadership courses provide the opportunity to shape the perspectives and practices of future educational leaders. As a trainer, you can influence how these leaders approach their roles, make decisions, and create positive change within educational institutions. Teaching a course on educational leadership requires deep knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. This challenge can promote your own professional growth, pushing you to stay current with trends, research, and best practices in the field. Effective educational leaders have the potential to significantly impact the quality of education provided to students. By training future leaders, you’re indirectly contributing to improvements in the education system and helping to create positive learning environments.Engaging with eager learners and discussing complex concepts can keep you intellectually stimulated and energized. The dynamic nature of educational leadership ensures that there is always something new to learn and explore.

In summary, teaching a course on educational leadership offers the chance to mold future leaders, foster professional growth and make a meaningful difference in the world of education.

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