Adab festival at the Habitt City – 26th of November, Sunday
Session 2: Building a Generation: Are schools passing their exams ?
Speakers: Rukaiya Salman, CFA, Salma Ahmed Alam, Hassan khan, Dr Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI
Moderator: Stephen Lyon

Using data for school improvement: What the Cambridge School Self Evaluation service tells us about reflective practice in education

Selected as a Speaker at Education 2.0, Dubai, UAE, March 2022

Presentation Topic: The Joy of Learning and leading in a pandemic-stricken world

Why The Cedar School

The philosophy on which The Cedar School was founded marks Academics, the Core Program and Physical wellbeing as the three essential pillars on which our entire structure is constructed. All our efforts are to drive these three pillars into more specific actions, providing opportunities to our Knights so they may be enabled to be future-ready, conscious and empathetic contributors to the global society. Together, these make up all the reasons, why The Cedar School is perfect for you. A robust yet flexible program ensures that every student is able to excel in areas most important to them, and to improve in areas where they have room to grow - and helps us in building a tailor made approach to facilitate this process for every child in a unique manner. Join us as we take you through the journey our students take with us every day, on the road to lifelong learning. The Cedar School is open for admissions not just at our Clifton campus, but at our brand new homes in Gulshan and PECHS, too! If you’ve been waiting to be a part of the Cedar family, now’s the perfect opportunity to click the link in bio and apply today!

Posted by The Cedar School on Friday, 27 November 2020

Why The Cedar School

School Self-Evaluation with Cambridge International

By Humayun Ansari and Rukaiya Salman

VS Furniture at The Cedar School

Professional Development Week

Tomorrow marks the start of our first ever Professional Development week, brought to you by Ed Tech Circles, here at The Cedar School. Our PD week is going to consist of webinars from education and industry experts from around the US, Brazil, Mexico and even Pakistan, sharing their best practices for all of us to learn from! The sessions are open for our team and the parent body, and anybody from outside of the Cedar family just wanting to listen in and learn! Join us for the sessions by clicking the link: pwd=aGxaV2lWa2ZHRG5qcnl2OGFuWG02QT0

Posted by The Cedar School on Monday, 29 March 2021

Online Professional Development Week, April 2022

Webinar with many foreign speakers such as Roberta Freitas, Brazil (Google Innovator), Amy Brownlee, USA (STEAM specialist), Chryso C, Sweden (Hybrid Solutions Expert), Lindsay Williams, USA (PD coordinator), Dr Karen Greenhaus, USA (Maths specialist), Laurel Aguilar, USA (Digital learning specialist)

Live talk on Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness with Kevin Hawkins, January 2020

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