Academic Excellence, Enrichment and Well-being

Over the past semester, the team at The Cedar School set in stone our three foundational pillars: Academic Excellence, Enrichment and Well-being. Building upon these three pillars, we spent the past semester exploring and implementing global practices into our curriculum and created new methods to enhance the student experience both inside and outside the school. From introducing various edtech platforms to ensuring our students are equipped with the relevant 21st century skills, our team has worked hard to ensure that your child enjoys walking through our doors, every single morning.

Posted by The Cedar School on Monday, 27 January 2020
Why did we switch to IGCSE ?

A lot of you have been asking us what IGCSE is and how it is different from the traditional O Level system. Consider IGCSE to be the upgraded version of GCSE - to which the world has slowly been shifting to since years, and now we are too! The new curriculum covers a larger variety of courses, and explores them in many more types of assessments in order to provide you with a more wholesome and well-rounded student experience. The most important factor, is that the IGCSE subject choices and curriculum as a whole are more aligned with equipping students with essential 21st Century Skills, something that has been at the heart of our philosophy as educators. Join us as we embark on this journey together, to help make your journey as a student more enriching and wholesome than ever before. #TheCedarSchool

Posted by The Cedar School on Friday, 18 December 2020
Global Perspectives at The Cedar School

Our Curriculum Development Lead, Ms Rukaiya Salman, describes our Global Perspectives program in three words: Innovative, Stimulating, and Skill-based. Traditionally, this discipline has been taught at the A Levels. Through our teaching methods and the curriculum itself, students will be studying this subject in a practical and real world context. Introducing Global Perspectives at an earlier age means developing younger learners who can think critically and imaginatively, making them that much more ready for the 21st century. Looking to apply for your child? Head on over to right away!

Posted by The Cedar School on Monday, July 15, 2019

Speaker at a Webinar for T.E.E.S (Tongston Entrepreneurial Education Summit), Abuja, Nigeria,

September, 2022

Topic: Secondary Education: Redesigning the curriculum, assessment and teacher training for the future of work and enterprise 

Moderated by: Engr. Bello .M. Tongo

Vector Educational Conference 2023

I’d like to express my excitement about two remarkable speaker sessions where I had the privilege of presenting in November 2023
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