Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated Hybrid Conference, “Connecting Educators,” taking place in Lahore this February 2024. 

Join us as educators and experts come together to delve into the future of education. We are thrilled to share that FACTS International is generously sponsoring our event. Additionally, we are honored to have Eye on Ivy and The Life Clan as our esteemed collaborators for this impactful hybrid conference in Lahore. Save the date and be part of this enriching educational experience

Schedule of the Conference

A Talk on Nurturing Excelling to Become an Effective Educational Leader

Join us this Saturday, February 17th, for an enlightening session at the Connecting Educators’ Event hosted by the Educators’ Community! We’re thrilled to welcome Riffat Sharif, an esteemed School Leader, School Improvement & Quality Assurance Partner, Trainer, and Curriculum Developer, as our speaker for this session. 

Discover strategies and insights on how to foster excellence in educational leadership and become a more effective leader in your educational community.

We are thrilled to unveil the first session at the upcoming Connecting Educators Conference, hosted by the Educators’ Community.

“Unveiling Educational Landscapes – A Comparative Analysis of Different Curriculums in Pakistan”

In this insightful session, distinguished speakers will delve deep into a comparative analysis of various curriculums in Pakistan, shedding light on the nuances that shape the educational journey for students across the nation. This exploration promises to be a cornerstone in understanding the dynamic educational tapestry that contributes to shaping young minds in Pakistan.

Speaker Line-up:

Iain Riley – Head of School, TNS Beaconhouse,  International Baccalaureate Chair of Multi-Programme and Synchronized Visit
Fareed Athar – Regional Development Manager, Pearson
Salman Shahid – Co-founder, International School Lahore and Grey Matter Global

Ghazi Taimoor – Faculty, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Ed.M Harvard University

Exciting announcement! Our second session at the Lahore hybrid conference on February 17, 2024, will focus on

Addressing the Crisis of Mental Health in Schools

Schools are currently experiencing a mental health crisis marked by unprecedented levels of anxiety, stress, and burnout. This crisis adversely affects school culture, making educational environments stressful for both students and teachers. Additionally, it impacts students’ academic performance and overall well-being, contributing to issues like bullying, depression, anxiety, burnout, and suicide. This session aims to investigate the root causes of this crisis and discuss strategies for addressing and mitigating its impact.

We have an outstanding lineup of speakers for this session:

Taimur K Bandey, Consultant for IB Schools in Pakistan,

Tahmina Naeem, School Head, Liberty Campus, Beaconhouse School System

Miss Zainab Javed, Cofounder & CEO of the The Life Clan, Raina Anees, Student of @Nordic International School.

The session will be moderated by:

Kamil Majeed, the CEO and Executive Principal of Nordic International School – Lahore.

We are thrilled to unveil the third session at the upcoming Connecting Educators Conference, hosted by the Educators’ Community. Join us on the 17th of February 2024, at the Pearl Continental, Emerald Hall in Lahore, for an enlightening exploration into the diverse educational landscapes of Pakistan.

Beyond Brochures: Marketing for Sustainable Educational Operations

Speaker Line-up:
Aiman Bashir (Co-Founder and CEO, Outclass)
Anwar Kabir (President and CEO, Brand Spectrum; Founder, The Leaders Network; Adjunct Faculty, LUMS)

Moderator: Ammaar Bin Saleem (Head of Marketing, Beaconhouse International College)

Session Details:
In this engaging session, Aiman Bashir and Anwar Kabir, two esteemed industry leaders, will share their insights and expertise on marketing strategies tailored for sustainable educational operations. The session will explore innovative approaches that extend beyond traditional marketing tactics, focusing on building lasting relationships and fostering community engagement within the educational sector. Moderated by Ammaar Bin Saleem, Head of Marketing at Beaconhouse International Colleges, this session promises to equip educators with practical tools and strategies to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

Exciting announcement! Our fourth session at the Lahore hybrid conference on February 17, 2024, will focus on

How to Navigate the Landscape of Competitive College Admissions

We’re thrilled to have esteemed panel speakers, Ms. 
Shanza Khan, a Harvard Kennedy School graduate specializing in public policy, and Ms. Nazia Hashmi, a dynamic professional with a background in economics and computer science engineering from UPENN. Moderating the session is Mr. Taimur K Bandey, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in international relations, political theory, and education consultancy. This diverse panel is set to provide valuable insights into the intricate world of college admissions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Exciting announcement! Our fifth session at the Lahore hybrid conference on February 17, 2024, will focus on

Where does Ed-Tech stand in Pakistan?

Speakers Lineup:

Umar Nadeem – Founding Partner, Head of Advisory, Tabadlab

M. Fahad Tanveer – Co-founder, Edkasa

Mark Anthony Wile -Executive Vice President, FACTS International


Maydda Nabeel – Alif Aur Art, Project-based Practitioner

About the Session:

Our esteemed speakers, each a trailblazer in the realm of education and technology, will discuss the current challenges, innovations, and future prospects of Ed-Tech in Pakistan. Gain valuable insights into how technology is reshaping the educational landscape and its impact on students, educators, and institutions.

Let’s come together to propel education into the future through the lens of technology. See you at the session!

A Talk on Transformational Leadership

We’re excited to welcome Farah Masood, Chairperson of IBPAK Association & Principal at Learning Alliance International, as our distinguished speaker for this session.

Farah Masood is a seasoned IB practitioner, an established leader, a celebrated linguist and is often deemed as an institution in academic spheres by her mentees. Farah has a legacy of leading a diverse set of teams in a variety of pedagogies including Cambridge International Education(CAIE), International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and Kinnaird English Language Trainers’ Network (KELT) to name a few. After leading teams in varying pedagogies and training hundreds of teachers over the past three decades, Farah devoted herself to the expansion of the International Baccalaureate and its programmes: owing to her contribution for development of IB in Pakistan and her thought leadership, she is currently leading the IBPAK Association as the Chairperson. Additionally, Farah offers her expertise for national and international ventures such as the Debating Society of Pakistan, National Curriculum Council, IELTS and various other avenues of teacher development and well-being. She harbors a global footprint of being a valuable resource as a workshop leader, conference presenter and a policy expert for a wide variety of national and international organizations.

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