Cambridge Schools Conference, Cambridge, UK, 2019

The 2019 Cambridge Schools Conference took place at The Perse School in Cambridge during the month of September. It was a two-day conference, 14-15 September. The theme of this year’s conference was “Evaluating Impact: How effective is our school and classroom practice”. Many topics were discussed such as the best approaches for our schools and learners, which new ideas to implement and which traditional methods to keep and which practices, at both the whole school and classroom level, have the greatest impact on learning.
A panel of local Cambridge International students were also welcomed who discussed what they believe they need to be successful for the future.

By attending this conference, I got an opportunity to listen, reflect and learn and it also made me think harder on the impact that I make as an educator and how to sustain the impact.
The constant strive for improvement by evaluating impact was the keynote of this conference. This conference focused on how teachers learn to be better teachers. It was a great exposure and an eye-opening experience for all the educators from all over the world. This global conference gave everyone an opportunity to collaborate, interact and help provoke our thinking.

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