Programme Leader for Cambridge International

Engaging in educational leadership training through Cambridge International was a transformative experience that equips aspiring leaders with the essential skills and insights to excel in the dynamic field of education.Hence, I enrolled for the “Cambridge International Certificate” in “Educational Leadership” in March 2020. This comprehensive program blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications, empowering participants to navigate the complexities of modern educational environments with confidence and expertise. Whether one is an experienced educator aiming to transition into a leadership role or a current leader seeking to enhance their abilities, this training cultivates a holistic approach to leadership that emphasizes adaptability, collaborative decision-making, and a profound dedication to student success. The blog on this page was penned by me in 2022 as I recalled my experience of becoming a Programme Leader with Cambridge International.

Educational Leadership with
Cambridge International, September 2022
I have trained a cohort of leaders from Cedar Schools and Colleges. In 2023, I began training with my cohort on Educational Leadership with the leadership teams at The Cedar School Official and Cedar College. This comprehensive course delves into the multifaceted dimensions of effective leadership in an educational setting, focusing on strategic planning, collaborative decision-making, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With a dynamic and exceptional group: Roque Martin D’MelloMustafa ChhotaniMohsin SaeedullahSeema Saeedullah, Aisha Ahmed, Rehmat Shahid, we embarked on a fantastic learning journey. Our experience included engaging talks, discussions, breakout sessions, and a leadership module featuring robots and gaming by Bilal and Uzma Haque at TBL Robotics. We also explored how mBraining can support leaders, enjoyed some fun talks, and engaged in numerous late-night discussions and reviews leading up to the final deadline in November 2023.
The results came out in January 2024 and I am incredibly proud of our group, which achieved an 80% distinction rate. A heartfelt thank you to Miss Tabinda Mazhar and other members of the Cambridge Team in guiding us in the process. I am excited to share some pictures from this journey and eagerly anticipate more adventures in leadership training!
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