Aisha Ahmed​

Head of School (Primary & Lower Secondary Section)
PECHS Campus​

I valued the thorough examination of many leadership models and frameworks in order to comprehend important ideas and theories of leadership. By exploring classic ideas like behavioural theories and then branching out into more modern viewpoints like transformational leadership, the course offered a strong foundation.
The focus on real-world applications and case studies made it possible to comprehend how these ideas appear in various organisational situations. I liked the emphasis on a comprehensive strategy that took into account several facets of good leadership when defining successful leadership practices.The practical examples and real-world case studies added to the discussion improved the concepts’ relevance.The emphasis on self-evaluation in the training was especially beneficial. I was able to identify my leadership strengths and opportunities for development through reflection exercises. By laying the groundwork for focused action actions, this self-awareness made sure that the growth plan was customised to my unique requirements and goals.

Seema Saeedullah

Head of Academics
The Cedar School

The Cambridge Professional Development Qualification in Educational Leadership was a transformative experience that greatly enriched my leadership skills. What I enjoyed the most was the in-depth exploration of various leadership theories, which provided a comprehensive understanding of effective leadership practices. Applying these theories in practical scenarios during the course allowed me to develop a nuanced approach to leadership. As a result, I’ve evolved as a leader, now employing more strategic decision-making and fostering collaborative environments. The course not only broadened my knowledge but also instilled a proactive mindset, influencing the way I approach and handle situations and leadership responsibilities.

Henna Ahmed

Head of Curriculum
The Cedar School

The Leadership PDQ by Cambridge was a breath of fresh air and retrospection in the otherwise busy working scenarios I find myself in everyday. I enjoyed learning about various leadership styles and the evolution of leadership in module one. Interacting with and studying leaders from the international arena provided a context to compare with our local leadership landscape. I grew most in module 3 during which honest reflection led me to realise my internal weaknesses as a leader and strategise to overcome them. As most of leadership growth connects to emotional intelligence I am finding the ensuing realisations useful in practical life too. Not to mention the continuum of interest I have developed in studying and developing EQ.

Mr Roque Martin,

CEO of Cedar Schools and Colleges.

We are thrilled to share with you an inspiring testimonial from Mr Roque Martin, the esteemed CEO of Cedar Schools and Colleges. In a captivating video testimonial, Mr. Martin graciously shares his remarkable experience after undergoing training in Educational Leadership facilitated by Miss Rukaiya Salman. 

In this exclusive video, Mr. Martin delves into his journey, highlighting the invaluable insights gained, the transformative strategies learned, and the profound impact it has had on his approach to educational leadership. Endorsed by none other than Cambridge International, this training program has left an indelible mark on Mr. Martin, who describes it as nothing short of exceptional.

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